Tips for Effortless Entertaining

I may not be the best person to be writing a post about effortless entertaining…my husband would call me an obsessive, over entertainer…but I feel I have gotten much better with the exception of our New Year’s Eve party a couple months ago. {A shout-out to my husband, without him helping to chop and mix ingredients when I over planned dishes for the event, I wouldn’t have had much food to offer our guests} As you can tell, we love to host gatherings. I love to prepare the menu, cook, decorate, and obsess over every aspect. Then, sit back, enjoy the company of others, and share the treats I have prepared. While my husband loves to do the grilling and socialize from the get-go. I’d say we compliment each other pretty well and his casual, laid back attitude has been rubbing off on me a little bit these days.


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New Year’s Eve | DIY Decorating

A new year, new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate…

The start of a new year gives us all the opportunity to make new goals and plans for ourselves, feel renewed and reinvigorated to take on the world. But we must first say auvoir to last year…and what better way than to throw a party! Over the last several years, we’ve thrown a New Year’s Eve party to celebrate the passing of the year before and ringing in the year ahead together. Every night evolves into playing drinking games, a guitar jam session by some of our favorite hometown musicians, and inevitably poppers and confetti everywhere. We never run out of food and the options are never dull. We’ve had gumbo, venison, goose, scallops, elk, and more appetizer choices than we even need.

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