Ecuadorian Cuisine

Like I shared in my post Another Decade of Adventure | First Up: Ecuador, my husband and I ventured through four continents to make it to his sister’s wedding last weekend. Of course it was not without its difficulty…missed, bumped, and delayed flights galore but after 4 days and a total of 41 hours in airports and planes, we made it to Cuenca, Ecuador and the journey and never ending bad luck ended up being worth it!

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Another Decade of Adventure | First Up: Ecuador

This week, my husband and I are reflecting on our first date 10 years ago. As I was headed off to college and he was enlisted in the military, the world of possibilities was wide open for us. As we look back to that night that we spent sitting across the table from one another and talking for hours, we relish the path that we have taken together that has brought us through great adventures and travels, that have challeged us, and the struggles along the way that made use stronger as individuals and as husband and wife. We would have never imagined that we would be reflecting at 10 years while sitting in the middle of Africa! As we look forward to the next decade together, we love the unpredictability of where we will find ourselves in 2025 and what we will have experienced along the way.

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