One Bowl Wonders | Steak, Arugula, Radish Salad Over Jasmine Rice

Do you want something easy to throw together for dinner that’s full of delicious and healthy ingredients or some way to use all those random ingredients in your fridge you used for another recipe or that are about to go bad? You can toss them into a risotto or saute it up in a stir fry. This month’s REAL SIMPLE magazine got me brainstorming more about this question of what I could make quickly or with leftover ingredients and something that’s new. In the article, they list a multitude of ingredients in different categories…some of the ingredients were ones I’d never thought to combine together or had ever even heard of, like watermelon radishes and farro?!?!? Actually, I was recently at a restaurant with my husband and saw farro as an ingredient in a dish on the menu. How many of you see an ingredient and pull out your cellphone to do a little quick research instead of asking the waiter or just being adventurous? Unfortunately, I had no service so I went with a safer option but my interest was peaked. And even more peaked after I saw this article in the magazine as well. I think the key to keeping it tasty and healthy is not to over do it, which isn’t easy with so many possible combinations and awesome ingredients to pick from. Below are the suggestions that REAL SIMPLE had for ingredients in your one bowl wonder with a few additions of my own.

One Bowl Wonder - Ingredient Options

As my first try with this all-in-one-bowl attempt, I elected to buy the ingredients that sounded good more than use what was already in the fridge….steak, arugula, radishes (watermelon – couldn’t resist trying it out), jasmine rice, red onions, and tomatoes. I am so excited to try out other combinations – so many ideas are floating around in my head and exciting my belly right now!

One Bowl Wonder - Assembled

The benefit of these one bowl wonders is that you can also pick and choose what ingredients you want not only by the flavors and tastes you’d like but also based on the time you have to put it together. My combination tonight took a total of about 10-15 minutes at the most. For the steak, I seasoned it with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and cooked it using the oven broiler (takes about 4-6 minutes total depending on the thickness of your steak and your desired doneness). While cooking the steak, I chopped up the red onions and sauteed them in a pan over medium-high heat with a little bit of olive oil in the pan and then added a few splashes of red wine vinegar for some acidity. Once the onions were done and the steak was resting, I put each of my other ingredients into ramekins ready for assembling the whole wonder! I also salted the tomatoes while they sat in the ramekin. When everything was ready, I layered each ingredient on top of one another until it was all compiled. With the ingredients I picked, including using yellow grape tomatoes and the watermelon radishes, the colors of this dish were so pretty…almost too pretty to eat! But of course…I dug in and enjoyed every . last . bite .of that bowl.

One Bowl Wonder - Assembling