Homemade Buttermilk | Tips and Tricks

I’m sure you have had similar occasions where a recipe calls for an ingredient that happens to be all out at the grocery store or is the only one you don’t already have. This has happened to me several times with buttermilk. This last time, I headed to the grocery store to pick up a number of items we needed for our menu for a get together with friends. Without a ton of time, I ran in with my list all in order to be as efficient as possible. Of course, I got to the diary department and the one ingredient that the store did not have on my list was buttermilk. Instead of worrying about having to stop at another store just for a cup of buttermilk, I remembered that I have used a trick in the past to make it yourself at home. So I didn’t fret about this grocery store inadequacy, knowing this one could be easily remedied. This definitely isn’t the case every time but for buttermilk it is. I have made my fair share of multiple trips to grocery stores when one is missing what I need. For instance, I highly recommend that if you plan on making anything Easter weekend that requires heavy whipping cream….BUY IT IN ADVANCE!! A few years ago, I actually spent at least an hour or two on Easter Sunday going from store to store {think I hit at least 4 or 5} looking for heavy whipping cream to make the dessert I just had to make for dinner at my sister’s. I managed to find some after much searching, however, at that point I did not have nearly enough time to make the dessert and actually make it to Easter dinner with my family on time. I managed to improvise  and turn out a tasty dessert but I definitely learned my lesson that day. So I recommend no one else make the same mistake I did. But back to the homemade buttermilk you are so curious to learn about.

This is simple: all you need is distilled white vinegar, milk, and a measuring cup. 

To make one cup of buttermilk, take your measuring cup and add 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar. Then, fill the measuring cup with milk up to the one cup mark. After stirring the mixture together, let it sit for at least 10 minutes at room temperature before using in your recipe to allow it to curdle.

Simple and easy and no need to stress when you can’t find it at the store!