When in Africa | Our First Safari

Akagera - Game Tour 23 - JPP

Determined to fully explore our new home, my husband and I decided to spend Friday and Saturday at Akagera National Park to go on our first safari. Only about 2.5 hours from Kigali, Rwanda, Akagera seemed like the perfect first place for us to visit together. We couldn’t have been more impressed by the ambience of the Ruzizi Tented Lodges that we stayed in, the number of animals and birds we were able to see in person, and a very knowledgable and friendly guide who drove us through the park for a night game ride as well as our half day game tour yesterday. We look forward to going back soon to try out their boat rides and fishing trips and {fingers crossed} to see giraffes and leopards which we weren’t able to see on this trip. We are also planning an upcoming road trips to Uganda for rafting on the Nile River and other border countries as well as trekking to see gorillas and hopefully a trip to see the Great Migration which takes place between Tanzania and Kenya. With so many great adventures on the continent, we are surely adding items to our bucket list that we couldn’t have even imagined being able to do before moving here. We can successfully cross off the number of animals we hoped to see in the wild here, including: baboons, vervet monkeys, bush babies, hippos, elephants, topis, zebras, water mongooses, buffalo, scrub hares, oribis, impalas, eland, water bucks, and a number of birds.

Staying at the Ruzizi Tented Lodges was incredible! As part of the price for staying the night, we were given dinner and breakfast. After arriving back from our night ride on Friday at about 10:30pm, the staff had our tables and food waiting for us. As we sat and ate our three course meal including shrimp and corn fritters, Curry Fish and Peanut Chicken with lentils and rice, and chocolate bread pudding {we had very happy stomachs!}, we took in the lapping of water beneath us, birds chirping, and hippos grunting! Then we used the  boardwalk to  sneak away to our tent and settle in for a rest. In the morning, we were woken up to the sound of vervet monkeys jumping through the trees outside of our tent and stopping to tease us on our porch. They then stuck around the patio where we were eating breakfast to see what they could snatch from our plates. In fact, some friends we met during our night ride were also eating breakfast and had a piece of toast stolen off their plate by one of the monkeys! They told us that they later saw the monkey showing off the piece of bread it stole from them.

Although this was a quick trip away, we enjoyed getting away from the hustle and bustle of Kigali and the chance to embrace the beauty and adventure Rwanda has to offer. The travel bug is definitely alive in us right now and we will be sure to share these adventures and sights with you all as we explore Rwanda and surrounding countries.