Sunset Cruise | Akagera National Park

Our first adventure after my parents and aunt arrived in Rwanda was to head out to Akagera National Park. Being are favorite place so far outside of Kigali, the number of animals we saw, and the opportunity to relax in the tented lodges…it was the best introduction for them before beginning the rest of the whirlwind three weeks.

Akagera - Sunset Cruise 3_JPP

We started our stay off with a sunset cruise on Lake Ihema setting our eyes on crocodiles, hippos, and a multitude of species of birds. One of our favorites was the egret with its green eyes and elegant wings seeming to be lined with tulle. The regal fish eagle watching over as we rode by and the black-headed weavers fluttering around, the males building their nests to be the females’ top pick. Others sat on top of papyrus, protected their babies from predators, or dove into the water to catch dinner. Alongside us were floating papyrus islands. From the key hole view from our tent, these floating islands created a visual illusion that we were the ones moving.

Beautiful Papyrus

Akagera - Black-headed Weaver_JPP

Black-headed weavers building nests for their future mate

Akagera - Floating Papyrus_JPPFloating papyrus island

Akagera - Fish Eagle_JPP

The regal fish eagle

Planning to do the sunset cruise in Akagera? Bring a set or two of binoculars and a camera with great zoom to catch a glimpse of the intricate details of the birds.