Happy Thanksgiving!


This Thanksgiving, we are taking a little bit of a break from the timed-out planning list to make several dishes, old favorites and new recipes, because we are tremendously thankful for our little turkey that is keeping our hands full this year!

turkey-dayInstead of spending my day obsessing and taking on more than I should have – I’m known for that  – we are loving every moment watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and dancing around the living room with our newborn, being thankful to have such a long break at home with our families before heading off to our next posting in Ivory Coast, and enjoying lots of delicious food while sitting around the table laughing and conversing with family we get to see so infrequently.  Nothing can beat a day like this!

bourbon-pecanBut of course, I couldn’t pass up making something, that would just be so unnatural for me!! So, I decided my one contribution this year would be the always-requested Bourbon Pecan Pie. A recipe I happened to find in one of my husband’s Garden & Gun magazines years ago has become a favorite for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Try it out and treat yourself and your family to a decadent dessert!

From our table filled with wine glasses, sweet potato biscuits, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a mound of turkey slathered with gravy…We wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING filled with full and happy stomachs! Enjoy good eats and great company today!