Dirty 30 | Diapers & Dinner

Really, the only thing dirty about my birthday this year is the amount of diapers I find myself changing. As I leave my twenties and enter my thirties, I’m curious about what lies ahead of me. I’m less than a month away from moving to Cote d’Ivoire for two years alongside my husband, our two dogs, and our newborn son. So, I’m already off to a great start!


My twenties were filled with graduating college, my first post-grad job, getting married, buying a house, growing personally and professionally, starting a blog, living in Rwanda for two years, traveling and crossing destinations off my bucket list, and finally, giving birth to our first child. As I look back, I’m amazed at what can be done in ten years and find myself wondering what my thirties will be like… What will I achieve? What goals will I set for myself? How will I grow? Who will I be? Who will I meet? What successes will I have and what challenges will I face? What countries, cuisines, and cultures will I explore? Only time will tell…

restaurant-eve-dinnerSeared ahi tuna with harissa aioli, cayenne, and pistachio bits & Butter-poached lobster with heirloom carrots

With all we have going on with our newborn and our upcoming move, it was nice to sit back earlier this week and enjoy a lovely and romantic five course meal with my husband at Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria and discuss what’s ahead for us. I felt so spoiled while devouring every course, one more decadent and succulent than the next!! I found myself feeling proud and amazed at how far I’ve come in my own food journey…willing to try things so completely foreign to me or just unexplored thus far and able to detect ingredients in the food I was tasting. As I’ve said before, I’ve learned that it is worth it to give things a try, even if just once. I may not always follow this mantra but I have sure come a long way from my childhood.

restaurant-eve-dinner-3Lechon with cipollini onions & Chantilly beef medallion with celery root puree 

The benefit of this meal was that it was a chef’s choice tasting menu, so it was all up to him as to what I was going to be consuming. Several items were things I normally wouldn’t have found myself ordering but took advantage of the decision being made for me…like squab liver mousse, deviled quail egg, and lechon (suckling pig).

Even our intermezzo dishes left our mouths watering for more…apple cider sorbet with candied ginger and a raspberry soda cream with crème fraîche.

15424649_890770018319_892304303_nCrème fraîche glacé with poached pears and pistachio crisps