Rosamond Carr’s Gardens and Imbabazi Orphanage

Another adventure during my parents’ and aunt’s 3 week visit to Rwanda…

On our way back to Kigali from Gisenyi, we stopped by Rosamond Carr’s Gardens and the former Imbabazi Orphanage. As we waited for our tour to begin, we meandered through her gardens…an oasis of colors, flora, and birds. Endless varieties of flowers brought from around the world to populate her property. We only wished my aunt, a florist, was there to witness these beautiful, endless rows of intertwined flowers.

Touring the property, house, and former orphanage, we learned about the remarkable woman, a mother to so many orphans and learned about the efforts of the foundation that has continued on after Ros Carr’s death and the closing of the orphanage more than a half decade later.

We enjoyed a lunch prepared by Roz Carr’s former chef. As we sat around her table in her blue shuttered, ivy covered cottage, we discussed our backgrounds, experiences in Rwanda, travels to other parts of the world, and hopes for the youth of the US and Rwanda with our tour guide. A former teacher himself, our guide was curious about my mom and aunt’s backgrounds as retired teachers. Wondering how teachers can give the youth all the advantages available to them and what were their suggestions for overcoming obstacles.

We finished our tour off by seeing the house that originally served as the Imbabazi orphanage and the building now used as classrooms.

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