Earth Trembling | Intore Dancing

More from our visit to Rosamond Carr’s on our way back from Gisenyi during my parents’ and aunt’s trip to Rwanda last year…

Roz Carr’s gardens were the ideal backdrop for the Intore dancing performance we arranged for our visit. The performance consists of three components, the women’s dance – or ballet, the men’s dance – dance of heroes, and drums.

All the performers were ecstatic to perform their traditional dance for us, even inviting us up to contribute to the drum rhythm.

Their excitement carried on throughout the entire performance from start to finish. Even more incredible than the dance, the moves, and witnessing a steadfast tradition in Rwanda was the trembling of the ground as they danced. Not only did you see and hear them, you felt their movements. The ground moved to the beat of the drums along with the sound of the bells worn around their feet all bringing you even more so into the performance. You couldn’t help but tap your foot along as the trembling moved from your feet all the way through your body.